The role of a Libertarian Party affiliate, within a much larger, and very successful Free State movement, is not obvious, has never been thought through logically, has not been tried anywhere else, and is the underlying cause of our many debates

Some reflexively assume it must look similar to an LP affiliate within an Authoritarian-49 state, even though NH has large, well-run, and !!SUCCESSFUL!! liberty orgs that do far better at what are the traditional LP affiliate functions in the A-49. Others (like me) assume our affiliate should FOCUS on what it uniquely can do, and what it does better, than any of the other 100+ liberty organizations in the Free State, thus, taking a small, partnership role within the much larger state movement, r.t. trying to fill ALL the roles - alone - in a largely authoritarian state which the A-49 affiliates must do.

Until we resolve our unique dilemma about the role of an LP affiliate within the most successful liberty movemen in the world, we will continue to get complaints that opportunities [to poorly replicate what our other state liberty orgs do better than we ever could] are missed, or that resources [that could have been better spent doing what the other orgs cannot do] are wasted.

Perhaps after PorcFest (or maybe at PorcFest) we can meet on the debate stage to lay out the conflicting options (and their rationale) for a curious and confused audience who all want liberty, are all excited about the progress we are finally making here, yet don't quite understand how LPNH can/should help the larger effort.

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This minor-party cycle of drama will continue as long as the US has a two-party system, and that results from the voting method, Plurality Voting. Change to Approval Voting, and you'll get multiple viable parties, as well as better primaries and better outcomes in general.

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