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Subversive is more than a brand, it’s a growing movement. It’s not a podcast, or a newsletter, and it’s not a social media presence. Justin O’Donnell is aiming to build a network of informed activists in New Hampshire to fight for expanded freedom and liberty outside the structures and confines of political parties, PACs, and non-profits. A true grassroots movement where the motivation is organic, and the organization is as fluid as the circumstances require. With a focus on education, outreach, networking, legislative lobbying, and social action, Subversive is all of the above and more. Subversive is the actions we take to undermine the systems in place.

While the written content of this blog may range from calls to action, advice and training, all the way to nuanced philosophical treatises about the nature of government and human liberty, the mission is always the same - to bring people together into an organic network of action focused activism.

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Meet Justin O’Donnell

A self described Anarcho-Nihilist, Justin ascribes to a moral and political philosophies as being indistinct from each other, and heavily influenced by philosophers including not only Rothbard, Nozick, and Konkin, but also Nietzsche and Chernyshevski.

After serving 8 years in the United States military, Justin’s experiences in service led him to reevaluate the political realities of his worldview. Formerly serving on the board of Directors for the Libertarian national Committee, Justin has run for office several times, as well as managed campaigns at the federal level.

With a background in sales and marketing, Justin currently works in Sales and Fundraising development for non profits, as well as periodic consulting for political organizations and blockchain developers. In 2018, Justin published his first book, Selling Liberty: Communicating Freedom in an Unfree World as a primer on sales and communications strategies for new political activists.

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Justin O'Donnell

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